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Where does our stock come from?

As much as possible we try to source our products from within Australia both to support Aussie farmers and reduce food miles however this is not always possible. In order to provide you with an extensive and varied range we look elsewhere as well. All of our products list their origin on our website.

Do we wholesale?

Although our core business is retail we are happy to offer legitimate businesses and co-ops a wholesale discount system for buying in larger volumes. Make a wholesale enquiry now.

Are there artificial additives in our products such as sulphur dioxide?

With a focus on certified organic products we are fortunate to not have to worry too much about additives like this as they are unacceptable inputs and would cancel out organic status. We always double check though and all ingredients are listed under the individual products in our online store. Non organic products are of course vulnerable but we actively choose to not stock any products with additives that may pose any risks to our valued customers.

Do our prices include gst?

All the prices that are stated online are inclusive of GST if GST is relevant.