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About us

We’ve been around a very long time. Over 45 years and we still serve the highest quality organic wholefoods food plus whole lot more.

In the early 1970’s we started with a Holden ute that traveled around Main Arm in the Byron Shire. We delivered wholefoods out of sacks to the many healthy and environmentally conscious homes….and from there we’ve never looked back.

We’ve grown and expanded, but our focus has stayed firmly in helping people make healthy food choices whilst supporting our community and staying environmentally and socially responsible. We’ve kept diligent with understanding how food impacts the interconnected web of life, and have massive gratitude for the beautiful food we offer our customers. After all, food is medicine!

This is why we are able to continually share our success. From investing thousands of dollars in local community projects and schools, to converting to a 100% not-for-profit environmental organisation, we’ve always had a vibrant and thriving community behind us. We will proudly say thank you to you, because you are really why we are still here at the forefront of creating healthy futures.

There have been so many milestones over 45 years we could make a film about it. The latest milestone of becoming a true not-for-profit environmental organisation is the new way of food retailing and we are stoked to be the pioneers. This decision was supported by the 90 unitholders who previously owned our organisation, now all happily voting members of our new charitable environmental organisation.

Yes, we’ve been owned by hundreds of local Byron Shire community members over the years, all sharing the vote as to what’s next. It’s been a fruitful community ride indeed! And now, we are stoked that our new direction is turning our food into funding for environmental projects! Simply wonderful.

So today, you are part of our history. As Australia’s first environmental organisation using food to fund healthy futures, every one of our shoppers powerfully becomes an investor in a cleaner, healthier and more vibrant future. Neat choice you are making!

So thank you for joining us. You are creating the new food system that we hope to share with the world, and we hope you enjoy funding a healthy, happy and vibrant future whilst enjoying our delicious organic food and wholesome natural products.

Santos Organics is passionately committed to the health and well-being of individuals, communities and the planet. In line with this commitment our vision is to make organic, wholesome, ethical food accessible to as many people as possible.

Our Organic Beginnings

  • Early 1970s / Santos began supplying the local community with organic, natural and GMO-free foods.
  • 1975 / Santos grew to supply the local community with a range of the best organic, natural and GM-free foods starting with a local delivery service of dry goods.
  • 1978 / Our first Santos store opened in Mullumbimby.
  • 1983 / Santos officially developed into a community-owned enterprise making it a business owned by a large cross section of individuals.
  • 1993 / Our Mullum Warehouse opened, then moved to Byron Bay where the Warehouse remains to this day.
  • 1994 / Our Byron Bay shop opened in the heart of town.
  • 2014 / Innovative recycling system removes thousands of litres of plastic from entering landfill – pioneering the system in the Byron Shire
  • 2015 / All stores renovated to improve the customer experience.
  • 2015 / Our Warehouse expands to incorporate a retail store with a juice bar cafe.
  • 2016 / Santos Organics officially became a Not-for-Profit Environmental Charity.
  • 2017 / Over $75,000 donated to local environmental projects.
  • 2017 / Removed all disposable coffee cups from service, reducing over 10,000 cups and lids going to landfill every year.

All three of our shops are thriving hubs for community where people meet up, connect and share valuable information about health and conscious sustainable living choices.

We have three thriving juice bar café’s offering fresh organic juice’s, smoothies, raw treats, delicious daily salads, lunches and other seasonal goodies created by local artisans and organic coffee with all tastes catered for – you can have your coffee made with the milk of your choice; almond, rice, oat, cow or soy.

We are excited about the future and we have gratitude for your purchases – together we are funding healthy futures through clean food & natural products.